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Thank you for joining us!

The MCCN Governing Body would like to extend a big thank you to all those who were able to attend the 1st MCCN Annual Celebration Lunch on April 8th. For those of you that were unable to make it, we had some wonderful guest speakers including: Kristina Griffin, Director of LTSS Services at BMC HealthNet Plan, MCCN Member and Consumer Advisory Board Chair, Tim McCallum, Dr. David. A. Jordan, President of Seven Hills Foundation, Dr. Kathee Jordan, Seven Hills Foundation CEO, Leslie Courtney, Seven Hills Family Services Vice President, and an amazing piano performance by MCCN Member Reece Arnold. We are excited for the year ahead and look forward to continuing to partner and work with each and every one of you to expand our excellence in care coordination for our individuals with LTSS needs.

Thank you for attending!
Thank you for attending!